May 26

June 2024 Information- Upper Elementary

Hi Guys!

Here is what we will be doing in June:

1. Hello Song

Hello,  how are you?X4

I’m (hungry, tired, cold, sad)

Hello, how are you? X4

I’m (happy, great, good, ok)

Hello, how are you? X4

2. Attendance:

How are you? I’m____.

3. Q and A:

Ask 1 Question a Week and Review each week.

This month:

Week 1: Can you swim? Yes, I can. I can swim.

Week 2: Can you play football? No, I can’t. I can’t play football.

Week 3: Are you hungry? No, I’m not. I’m not hungry.

Week 4: Do you speak English? Yes, I do. I speak English a little.

4. Let’s Go! (4-6) Student Book and CD:

Pages 15-20 (2 pages a week)

*Students should do the corresponding pages Let’s Go! 1 Workbook for homework.

5. Game Time:

Play an online game if time.

6. Goodbye Song

Goodbye, goodbye see you again

Goodbye, goodbye see you my friends(Repeat X3)

Goodbye, goodbye see you again.

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