June 30

July 2024 Information- Lower Elementary

Hi Guys!

Here is what we will be doing in July:

  1. Hello Song

Hello,  how are you?X4

I’m (hungry, tired, cold, sad)

Hello, how are you? X4

I’m (happy, great, good, ok)

Hello, how are you? X4

2. Attendance:  How are you? 

3. Let’s Go! Student Book (1-3) and CD

Pages 21-26 (2 pages a week)

*Homework will be assigned to the corresponding pages of the Let’s Go! Workbook

4. Let’s Go! Phonics Book (1-3) and CD

            2 pages a week.

5. Game Time:

         Play an online game if time.

6. Goodbye Song

“Goodbye, goodbye see you again

Goodbye, goodbye see you my friends

(Repeat X3)

Goodbye, goodbye see you again.”

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