March 26

April 2024 (OR MONTH 1) Information-GE2 (Genki English Year 2/Intermediate Students Classes)

Hi Guys!

Welcome to the 2024-2025 School year! Good Luck!

For April (OR MONTH 1), we  will be doing the following:

  1. Warm Up (TPR) (Vol. 7) (5 min) 

“Stand up (raise hands), Sit down (lower hands), hands up, hands down, bow, clap (raise hands)” (students repeat).

  • Sing Genki English “Warm Up Song” (no music/music)
  1. Hello Song (How are you?) (Vol. 1) (1-2 minutes)

– “Hello, how are you? “I’m (hungry- pat tummies), tired (go to sleep), cold (shiver), sad (make a sad face), happy (big, smiley face), great (throw arms in air), good (thumbs up), ok (OK sign)

  1. Attendance (5 minutes)

– Take attendance. say “I’m here”

– “How are you?” Answer or repeat (with gestures).

  1. Review (5 minutes)

Quickly review previous months Q and A/Last month’s Song

  1. Input Lesson: (10 minutes)

Weeks 1&2: Easter Egg Hunt (Vol.6 ) Weeks 3&4: Make a Face (Vol. 6)

  • Week 1&3: Introduce New Vocabulary- Repeat with Words. “What’ this?” With Words 2
  • Repeat the main phrase
  • Week 2&4: Do the corresponding Spaghetti Worksheet instead of the new vocabulary

                     6.Song: (5 minutes)

Weeks 1&2: “Easter Egg Hunt” (Vol. 6) 3&4 “Make a Face” (Vol. 6)

  • Sing the Song Acapella (No words)
  • Sing the Song with the Words
  1. Output: Practice (Vol. 6) (10 minutes)

– Play the Game.

  1. Thank You Song (Vol. 1) (1-2 minutes)

– “Thank You” and the words with actions (thank you, take care, goodbye, summer, autumn, spring).

Last 10 minutes- Play a game (if there’s time)

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